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Technology and Disaster Recovery Plan


The CDS computer system is designed within a client /server architecture and is implemented using UNIX operating system and Oracle RDBMS running on the main server and a back-up server. The front-end application software runs on client PCs within Windows environment.


Participants are connected to the CDS via SHDSL lines supplied by Mauritius Telecom.


The CDS computer system includes advanced industry-standard security and auditing features. Password control and password ageing functions are implemented for system access control. The system is located at the company's site and the environment includes UPS, backup generator, fire protection, and physical access control to the computer room. External auditors perform security audits of the IT systems of CDS on a regular basis.


A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is in place to cater for various scenarios. The DRP covers both preventive and corrective measures that will enable CDS to deal with various types of disasters that can disrupt normal systems operation. The back up server maintains a mirror image of the database on the main server. In the event of a problem with the main server, the back up server takes over within 10 minutes, without physical intervention at client sites. In the event of a major disaster site that causes the CDS site to be unavailable, systems and business operations will be restored at a back up site within 2 hours. The DRP is simulated at least three times a year.


Prevention of loss of data in the event of media failures is achieved through the implementation of redundant and cyclical backup tapes that are stored both on-site and off-site.


The CDS system has been developed by Millennium IT Ltd and is entirely maintained by the IT team of CDS. The system has been customized by CDS to suit market requirements as well as to meet international standards.


The IT team of CDS also manages the automated trading system of the SEM which has been configured by CDS to meet market requirements and international standards.