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Advertising on SEM is a respected independent source of financial market data and information at the very heart of the Mauritius securities and financial market. The reputation and authority of the Exchange translate into a unique online advertising environment that attracts a highly desirable audience of loyal and confident web users cutting across retail and institutional investors both in Mauritius and globally.


Advertising opportunities


SEM's website currently offers select advertising opportunities on its home page. The target audience of advertisers is SEM's capital market stakeholders namely investment dealers, asset management companies, management companies in the global business sector, and listed issuers, with a view to providing visibility and connecting investors from the demand side with issuers and market players from the supply side.



1. Banner  size :  300 (width) x 250(height)

2. File Formats : JPEG, GIF, PNG

3. File Size :   50KB

4. Resolution : 72 dpi

If you are interested in advertising on our site, please email us on at SEM.



Unique advertising benefits


• Monthly traffic: The site receives a select traffic, coming from both local and foreign retail and institutional investors.

• Audience: Educated individuals who are also confident web users


• Demographic of the average user:  aged between 25-60 with good purchasing power and investment culture.


Advertising on also gives you the opportunity to:

- Reach an active, online, financial decision making audience – global market research shows that Exchanges generally have a high net value audience with a household income twice that of the average general population.

- Access broad international audience - with users based the world over and a significant number from overseas, advertisers have the ability to reach a broad audience who are accessing the site both at home and work.

- Segment your offering - the website caters for general share investors as well as more advanced investors who visit more niche areas of the site. This flexibility allows for tighter targeted communication.




1) The Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM) will only accept advertising that adheres to criteria which do not compromise the regulatory restrictions under which the Exchange operates. SEM also reserves the right, at its discretion, to remove any advertisement for any reason, such as but not limited to: the advertisement is contrary to any laws/regulations or is in any manner offensive to public morality or may affect public security. The Stock Exchange of Mauritius shall not provide any reason for such removal.


2) As per standard practice, Adverts issued by licensees of the Financial Services Commission (FSC) or the Bank of Mauritius (BOM) will be subject to guidelines issued and approval by the relevant regulatory authorities. As a general rule, any company advertising on the website shall be responsible to ensure that it has the relevant authority/license/permit/qualification as may be applicable for the purposes of the advertisement concerned.


3) SEM undertakes to take all reasonable care to ensure the proper functioning of the advertising service.  However, SEM shall not be liable in the event of an absolute or partial inability to make use of the service arising from a ‘force majeure’; from circumstances arising beyond its control; or in an event arising out of the act of the client.