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8 investment dealers (stockbroking companies) operate on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius Ltd (SEM). Each investment dealer holds a license granted by the Financial Services Commission. Investment dealers are required to have at least one duly licensed representative who shall be entitled to carry out the functions of the Investment dealer.


Investment dealers are required to maintain at all times a minimum stated unimpaired capital as specified in the Fourth Schedule of the Securities (Licensing) Rules 2007.




 Representatives of Investment dealers

MUA Stockbroking Ltd

3rd Floor, Travel House

Cnr Sir William Newton Street & Royal Street

Tel: 212-3038

Fax :212-6690

- Mr Pierre de Chasteigner du Mée
- Mr François Cayeux
- Mrs Roselyn Phanjoo
- Mrs Patricia Kolfir
- Mrs Siow Han Chung
- Mrs Kaminee Syea
- Mrs Irene Landinaff

AXYS Stockbroking Ltd

6th Floor, Dias Pier Building
Le Caudan Waterfront
Caudan, Port-Louis



E-Mail: stockbroking@axys-group. com

- Mr Vikash Tulsidas
- Mrs Adlette Rioux

- Mr Bhavik Desai

- Mr Melvyn Chung Kai To

Capital Markets Brokers Ltd

Ground Floor, Alexander House,
35 Cybercity, Ebene 72201.




- Mr Tommy Lo Seen Chong
- Mr Kevinand Beekharry

- Ms Neetusha Aubeeluck

LCF Securities Ltd

Suite 108,

1st Floor, Moka Business Centre,

Mont Ory Road


Tel: 433-8388

Fax: 433-5953


- Mrs Fabiola Yit Niuc

- Mr Rajiv Lutchmiah



MCB Stockbrokers Ltd

9th Floor, MCB Centre
Sir William Newton St
Port Louis

Tel: 202-5245 / 202-5427

Fax: 208-9210

- Mr Kevin Rangasami

- Mr Sunil Seeam

- Mr Khamlesh Beeharry
- Mr Ashveen Chummun
- Mrs Marie Ange Tse Rai Wai

- Mrs Micheline Ng Yuen Yan

- Mrs Reena Ramsurrun

- Mr Derek Sum Ping

DMH Stockbroking Ltd

Suite 305, Barkly Wharf
Caudan Waterfront
Port Louis

el: 212-3535

Fax: 208-6294

- Mrs Mathilde Leclézio

- Mr Sajesh Baboolall

SBM Securities Ltd

Level 12,

Hennessy Tower
Pope Hennessy Street
Port Louis

Tel :202-1437 / 202-1438 / 202-1551

Fax: 212-1710


- Mrs Reedhee (Anoushka) Bhuttoo 

- Mrs Patricia Dholah

- Mr Dharmeshsing Mohadewo






Swan Securities Ltd

3rd Floor, Swan Group Centre
10 Intendance Street

Tel: 208-7010

Fax: 212-9867

- Mr Neeraj Umanee

- Ms Aisha Bibi Yoosoof Parak

- Mr Pourbalen Comarasawmy
- Mrs Dona Narayanam
- Mrs Krishma Mungur



List of ATS Operators

Investment Dealers

ATS Operators

MUA Stockbroking Ltd

Mrs Roselyne Phanjoo

Mrs Patricia Kolfir

Mrs Sharon Chung

Mrs Kaminee Bye Syea

Mrs Marie Irène Landinaff

Capital Market Brokers Ltd

Mr Reshad Tegally

Mrs Sunita Bissessur Alleck (resigned 13.07.2018)

Mr Kamlesh Ramjee (resigned 13.07.2018)

Miss Neetusha Aubeeluck

Miss Nandita Caleechurn (resigned 13.07.2018)

Mr Kevinand Beekharry

Miss Fariheen Hossenny (Appointed 04.02.16)

Mr Adrien Alexandre Ah Yam (resigned 13.07.2018)

Mr Faeez Moserdee (Appointed 27.09.18)

Ms Deevya Bhaugeeruthee (Appointed 27.09.18)

Ms Darrshana Nunkoo (Appointed 27.09.18)

AXYS Stockbroking Ltd

Mrs Adlettte Rioux

Mr Vikash Tulsidas

Mr Bhavik Desai

Mr Melvyn Chung Kai To

Mr Alexis Piat Corson (Appointed 27.06.17)

Mr Yuviraj Yogananda Auroomooga Putten (Appointed 17.1.19)

Mr Akash Baboolall (Appointed 17.1.19)


Swan Securities Ltd

Miss Aisha Parak

Mrs Dona Narayanam

Miss Krisma Mungur 

Mr Pourbarlen Coomarasawmy

Mr Neeraj Umanee


MCB Stockbrokers Ltd

Mr Sunil Seeam

Mr Ashveen Chummun

Mrs Michaella Melanie Garnier (resigned 31.03.18)

Mr Shanawaz Golamhosen

Mrs Laetitia Aukbaraulee (resigned 01.03.17)

Mr Derek Sum Ping (Appointed 04.02.16)

Mr Khamlesh Beeharry (Appointed 21.02.18)

Ms Luciana Ang Ho (Appointed 27.09.18)

DMH Stockbroking Ltd

Mrs Mathilde Leclézio

Mrs Reena Rungloll (ceased to hold office on 4.11.16)

Mr Sajesh Baboolall (Appointed on 03.01.2017)

Miss Greeha Rughooputh  (Appointed on 24.03.2017)

SBM Securities Ltd

Mrs Reedhee Bhuttoo

Mrs Patricia Dholah

Mrs Kalayvarni Chenganna (resigned 29.04.16)

Mr Tashin Kumar Surdha (resigned 30.06.2016)

Mr Darmeshsing Mohadewoo

Ms Pushtika Jokhun (Resigned on 17.07.17)

Miss Sanjana Sooman Ramdoss (appointed  on 03.01.2017)

Mr San Sang Cheung King Cheung (Appointed on 24.03.2017)

Mr Pravesh Gobardhun (Appointed on 24.03.2017)

Mr Sudesh Seechurn (Appointed on 11.07.2018)

LCF Securities Ltd

Mr Rajiv Lutchmiah

Ms Laura Payenmootoo

Mr André Chung Shui (resigned on 31.12.2017)

Mrs Vashamba Comaren

Mr Sajesh Baboolall (Resigned on 03.01.2017)

Mr Matthieu Philogene (Appointed on 24.03.2017)

Mrs Fabiola Yit Niuc (joined 13.11.17)