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Thinking about investing



When you turn your mind to the prospect of investing in the sharemarket there are a few things to consider.


Consider why you want to invest in the market – what are your investment objectives? Consider whether these objectives are sound and realistic and how you are going to achieve them, and last but not least contact a broker licensed with the Exchange. This goes to mapping out your investment strategy. Then there are the practicalities of actually investing – of doing it.


The primary purpose of this investor education section of SEM's website is to help you do your homework before you then contact a broker for investing on the stock exchange. And of course, this is just the start of the journey. After going through this, please explore on SEM's website, our extensive free range of investor education resources ranging from online courses to SEM's interactive research and charting tool, and our knowledge and publications centre.


Get started on your investing journey today with our free resources, in order to


•  - understand how the share-market works

•  - develop an investment strategy

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