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Thinking about investing



When you turn your mind to the prospect of investing in the sharemarket there are a lot of things to consider.


Consider why you want to invest in the market – what are your investment objectives? Consider whether these objectives are sound and realistic and how you are going to achieve them. This goes to mapping out your investment strategy.


Then there are the practicalities of actually investing – of doing it. People often get a bit overwhelmed because for many the sharemarket is unfamiliar territory with unfamiliar language. This investor education section of SEM's website is intended to give you what you need to know in clear language that is easy to understand. We will touch on the importance of having objectives and a plan but it won’t be the central theme. There are many resources that you can draw on to assist you – including the free online courses, streamlined FAQ's, SEM's monthly newsletter and sharemarket game we provide on our website There are also many books, magazines and newsletters on investing that are available.


The primary purpose of this investor education section of SEM's website along with the set of online courses is to get you ready for investing in shares in a practical sense. And of course, once you have bought some shares that is just the start of the journey. You will want to know how your shares are performing and how you can build on your investing skills. We’ll give you some suggestions on the resources you can use.


After going through this, please explore our extensive free range of investor education resources ranging from online courses to interactive research and charting, a knowledge and publications centre and educational FAQ's. 


Educate yourself on the share market and know the Stock Exchange of Mauritius operates: